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Saturday, 2018-06-23


Why doesn't anybody read the project plan? Why is it never updated? Why are we always late?

Getting yourself organized is already difficult enough. Maybe you are using Getting Things Done (GTD) or some other technique to keep on the ball. But what happens when you have the work of several people to organize?

Making people work efficiently in teams is really hard to do. It's just too easy for people to work on the wrong things, have several work on the same thing, or simply do it in the wrong way. All of this leads to rework, delays, frustration, and of course tremendous costs.

Because people work very efficiently provided they know what they are supposed to deliver, projects and processes can be carried out much faster if the communication and collaboration between people is planned and managed.

This is where Communigram can really help you. Simply draw a Communigram of who should be doing what, with whom, and to whom the result should be sent, and this information will be pushed with clear instructions to all people concerned.

From now on, everybody always knows exactly what to do.


Did these people get in touch? What are they working on? What is the latest status? When will this be done?

Help your team members get organized: using an interactive "myCommunigram", everybody immediately sees what they should be working on and who they need to collaborate with to achieve the best results. They also see what everybody else is working on and what their status is, and they get secure access to all relevant documentation.

From myCommunigram, people can interact with the people they should be in touch with by exchanging messages and documents. Yet unlike when using e-mail, this collaboration and communication is transparent: Communigram stores the history of all communication around each work item and makes it available to others like a "mini-forum". This gets rid of hundreds of e-mails and phone calls because everybody can access the information they need by looking for it themselves. The transparency introduced by Communigram also helps managers identify who is not or insufficiently communicating. Communigram also automatically requests and collects status information from all project participants

From now on, the collaboration in your projects is under control.


Tired of hounding people down? Tired of excuses? Tired of not knowing what is going on?

In order to put resources and attention where they are needed most, management and collaborators need a clear view of who is supposed to be doing what and where difficulties are emerging. The transparency introduced by Communigram is a profound change in how people work together that promotes reactivity, responsibility and motivation. To make this transparency truly useful, Communigram is backed with a refined package of best management practices called "Business Communication Engineering" (BCE).

BCE focuses on defining the communication needed to make your business successful, and providing the best management tools to keep this communication going, even when difficulties occur. When used appropriately, people constantly keep each other informed about their progress and arising difficulties. These difficulties are efficiently addressed through various management mechanisms that have been developed and tested in real-life situations.

From now on, you have a set of management tools that help you get your project back on track.

Communigram: Organizing Communication for Smart Projects

Today, the business world is changing faster every day. To be competitive, we need to be able to adapt quickly, team up with other companies, and collaborate effectively and efficiently. In a word, we need to work smarter, not harder.

Communigram provides solutions to those companies that have understood that organizing projects and processes is the central element to competitiveness and profitability. With them, we develop, build and implement holistic solutions that make projects and processes execute faster, clarify what is planned and what is actually happening, and give everybody methods and tools to make projects and processes easy to manage.

Focus on people, process and communication for faster and better projects
  • We start with a superior, operational methodology, developed and tested together with industry, to identify key deliverables and players
  • We then draw a "Communigram" to define the communication flow necessary to reach project goals
  • All participants of the project contribute to project planning and keep the project plan up to date
  • The communication defined in Communigram goes "live" in myCommunigram: everybody gets their excerpt of all running projects, including documentation, current situation, and much more
  • When people cannot access the system directly, key information gets pushed to alternative communication channels such as e-Mail
  • People execute the project as defined by the information flow shown in the Communigram using highly integrated software
  • Project managers, PMO and top management get a continuous view of how the project is performing

Project Management in 9D

Why do projects always take too long, why are their results not as expected, and why do we only find out about such disasters when it is much too late?

Read on to learn how Communigram integrates all nine dimensions of project planning.

Communigram 4.0

Communigram 4.0 includes fundamenal additions making communication engineering  even more exciting.

 Read the details.

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